Thursday, February 6, 2014

Send reminder emails via SharePoint Designer Workflow

Last week one of my user asked me to design a reminder email which should be sent out 2 days before due date. He had a large list where there are thousands of items and he needed it to be approved / reviewed by assignee before it crossed the dead line. He already had a Due Date column which is Date and Time type and showing only date. Below is the design logic I used to achieve this requirement

Design Logic:
  • Create a new column (I called it Today) with Date and Time category and select to display only date
  • Create another column (Diff), type calculated, and simply add this formula

=[Today]-[Due Date]

That’s all from List end, now open up site in SPD
  • Create a new workflow based on List
  • Select respected list, specify name of that workflow
  • Then select condition – If current Item filed equals value
  • Put current item > Diff  in field and value to 2
  • In action tab select send an email
  • Fill all required stages
  • Save and publish the list
  • Now open the list and check if the workflow fires or not

Update: 3rd March 2015
above solution works with the static reminder workflow and send email once difference reaches to today-due date. To send reminder emails periodically we have to create and store a value dynamically which can change with the date and days. Refer below screen shot where I used 3 conditions to trigger a workflow and then generated a value, which stored in variable and email action taken place when reached that value.

Feel free to reach me in case of any issues, thanks


dorean archuleta said...

Thank you for the post. My workflow seems to work fine when the "allow multiple selections" option is set to "no" in the "Email Recipients" column (within the SP list). If I set the option to "yes", then the workflow is automatically suspended or terminated. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

Pratik Vyas said...

Sorry for delayed resonse, there is some change in workflow and I will publish it shortly here itself


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