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I want to work on SharePoint ! but I don’t have a SharePoint connection !!!

I want to work on SharePoint ! but I don’t have a SharePoint connection !!!

Well that sounds crazy, but what if you have an unstable VPN connection and you have to work on an important document which needs to be uploaded into the SharePoint site, or a presentation that your boss want to see and your Connection is bad.
SharePoint 2010 gives you a capability to work with more evolved Office Integration which will make your offline work easier to do and more easier to sync.
Microsoft Word 2010:
We know that we can write a blog in word and publish it to SharePoint.
One of the new features in Microsoft Office is the share option that allows you to publish a document to a SharePoint site without having to manually upload it. After your done writing up your document in word > Click the File tab > select Save & Send  > Send to SharePoint > select a SharePoint location > the document will be automatically uploaded to SharePoint site.
Also located under the file tab is the info tab which displays SharePoint related information of the site like setting permissions, checking document properties, checkin- checkout information.

Microsoft Workspace 2010 (formally Known as Groove)
As mentioned in my earlier post Workspace is an offline client and it can be used to work with the contents in the SharePoint site, a few things about the working with the Workspace.
1.       You have to first sync it to the SharePoint site and wait for the site to get a copy of the download, the time depends upon the size of your website.
2.       Sync site by clicking New option on the Home Tab, Type server name and Sync
3.       The sync will begin and show all status at this moment your online with SharePoint.
4.       List of operations you can do with the “Offline SharePoint Workplace”
Ø  Work with InfoPath forms via Project tasks list.
Ø  Work with list and libraries.
5.       List of things you cannot do with the offline workspace.
Ø  Cannot work with calendars.
Ø  Cannot work workflows.
Hope this post would help you to work better with Office and SharePoint

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Thanks for sharing useful info.
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