Thursday, February 6, 2014

Customize Newform.aspx using InfoPath

Last week I was assigned to customize a list page. Here are the steps and some issues I faced during this assignment.

Design / Customization phase:
  • Open SharePoint site
  • Navigate to List
  • Select on the List and then click customize form (it by default shows InfoPath icon)

  • This will open the NewForm.aspx page in InfoPath
  • Make necessary changes and publish / quick publish it to SharePoint
  • By default it publishes to the same list. (to change the default quick publish option we have to dig hard and change some codes inside that form xml. I will discuss on it later)
  • That’s it now you have customized InfoPath form loaded to your list

Validation phase:
  • Now where to check this is the same customized form you published via InfoPath?
  • From Ribbon select Item > New Item

  • This should open up a customized form.
  • To reconfirm it, open this list in SPD or in explorer view
  • Now go to Forms folder and confirm Newfs.aspx page resides there

Known issue / troubleshooting phase:
  • I noticed this issue most of the times when we customize list newform it only updated in Ribbon part, in other words it only updates content type filed.
  • I faced an issue with add new item option which we generally find below all items

When I clicked on it, I found the old / original newform.aspx page opening.

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