Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adding a Description Column for a folder under Document Library

  • Go to Site Actions, Site Settings
  • Click Site Content Types
  • Click Create
  • Give the new content type a name such as "Description"
  • Set the parent content type group as Folder Content Types
  • Set the parent content type to Folder
  • Add the new content type to a Group. I put it back in the "Folder Content Types" group
  • Click OK
  • Scroll down to the columns section and click Add from new site column
  • Name the column and set all the usual column options
  • Repeat for any additional columns
  • Click OK
  • Go to your document library
  • Click Settings and Library Settings, or in 2010 click the Library ribbon tab and then click Library Settings
  • Click Advanced and set Allow management of content types to Yes and click OK (this may already selected)
  • Scroll down to Content Types and click Add from existing site content types and add your new folder content type
  • Go to your document library and click the New drop down, or the New button in the 2010 Document ribbon, and add your new folder!
  • Go to the View drop down and click Modify this view and add your new folder meta data columns (you will probably want to move them to just after the Name column)

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