Friday, June 10, 2011

Unable to edit Content Editor Webpart – Error on page

While moving the Content Editor Webpart from one place to another We get the following error message “Error On page” on the Bottom left of the IE.
After moving the content Editor Webpart, when we click Exit edit mode. It gives “Unexpected error has occurred”
This usually happens whenever we copy the HTML code from one Content Editor webpart to another, due to which the Webpart ID is also copied and it conflicts.
Modify the Content Editor Web part
Open the Source Code
Remove the following Tag from the code for e.g.:- ”id=WebPartWPXX WebPartID=”XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX
Let me know in case of any doubts.


Bhavik Jain said...

Hi Pratik,

I am having below issue with content editor web part:

- Added a content editor web part on the site
- Edit the web part
- Insert a image from computer or sharepoint
- Get an error "Unexpected Error"

This was migrated from 2007 version
This is happening only on one site

Any Ideas on this ! ! !

Pratik Vyas said...

Hey Bhavik,
What is the image extension ?
Is site added to the trusted zone ?
Which browser you are using ?
Please let me know your findings, Thanks.

Rajib Mridha said...

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