Friday, May 16, 2014

InfoPath 2010 gives "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program. "

Yesterday we had an issue reported by a few users that the InfoPath form library would just not open on a few desktops only, for the sake of information all other users and the effected ones were using IE 8 and InfoPath 2010. There was no difference in the environments.
What would happen is if you open a form from a Sharepoint library it would download in infopath and throw an error message as "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program. " and give you a close this program button.

We started troubleshooting

  • We checked for the IE 32 and 64 bit then recent patch installed.

According to a lot of links in internet they recommend KB2760406 and but this patch wasn’t installed on our clients machine.
  • Checked the event viewer and got the error as
  • Faulting Module Name: IPEDITOR.DLL version14.0.7010.1000

We also doubted the IPEDITOR.DLL to run a repair by running SFC / Scannow that did not help.

( )

Query parameters are lost when you open a new form in InfoPath 2010
Although we did not have the KB 2553210 which causes this issue we were still able to resolve the issue.

This resolution seems like a mystery to me but has saved our lifes, posting it so you guys can use it and also make me understand if possible why did this work J

1 comment:

Mikitukka said...

Mate you are a Legend!
We didn't have any of those KB's installer either. But that hotfix sorted out the issue instantly.

Made my day!

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