Monday, September 26, 2011

How to: Export a Discussion topic List item (SharePoint 2007) to excel or PDF ?

Here is  some tricky way to achieve this GOAL

When you reply to a discussion it changes to Flat view and redirected to flat.aspx page.

So to export discussion topic in excel you have to manually change the URL from flat.aspx to allitems.aspx.

I.e. to enable export to spreadsheet option URL should be http://siteURL/Lists/discussionname/allitems.aspx

Else to export from “Flat view” tries following steps.

·         Open Excel
·         Click on DATA tab
·         Select from Web option
·         Then in URL provide the URL with http://siteURL/Lists/discussionname/flat.aspx
·         This will open a page with Allitems.aspx in pop up and then you can select (arrows) to insert required data to excel.
·         And from Excel you can easily export to PDF

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